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I Need a Break From it All


There are too many things going on right now
Gotta handle them all, just can’t figure out how
There’s way too many things that need completing
And instead of working, I’m attending another meeting

I know I can push, and deliver them all
Yet I’m not sure it’ll be worth the effort after all
Things are a-changing, I’m growing too old
Of the projects I’ve taken, some are going cold

I need a break, I believe, a break from it all
To gather my wits, to make sure I don’t fall
Isn’t that the reason I write down my thoughts
My brain needs a cleansing, like never before

Maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew
But I’ve never been satisfied with just a few
I’ve always believed there’s nothing I can’t do
I’ve been telling myself, “I believe in you”

The world may think and make me believe otherwise
I’ve never known other people to behave too nice
I won’t burn out, not for them anyway
I couldn’t care less, there’s always a new day

But I do need a break, a break from it all
Perhaps I need one for no reason at all
Whatever happens, there needs to be a change
The time has come, for things new and strange

8 years and counting…


Completed 8 years yesterday right here at BookMyShow
It feels like a long time and yet doesn’t feel that long back.
Some days feel like yesterday; last month feels like ages before; tomorrow feels like a whole new year away

Some things just don’t change
Still taking interviews, still running my review and rating engine, still taking more projects than I should
Overburdened with work and running around with a smile on my face (mostly genuine)
Still complaining about everything at work; correcting almost all that I can without telling anyone
Still the “social” guy at work; still very anti-social personally 😛

Some things do change
I no longer have to sign after receiving my Diwali sweets package
I have given a public TED-style talk at work and personally have a sense of accomplishment
I’ve received a Boscar(tm) from my bosses showing appreciation for what I’ve done so far
[Yes, my appraisal figures showed that too, FYI]

Some changes which need rectification
Forgetting to wish a dear friend almost all through the day
[Made up for it by writing something personal]
Forgetting to wish one of my best friends at midnight – was late by about 20 mins (unacceptable standards for me)
Not meeting him yet, though I’ve been here for more than three weeks

This year has had its downs and I’m working to get everything back up
It has been a really, really interesting year so far
It has been a love-hate relationship always; I think it works best that way
Look forward to more, right here @BookMyShow

The Germ of a Thought


It’s pretty amazing how the germ of a thought takes hold over your entire mind and then refuses to budge unless you action it. The surprising part is that it doesn’t happen to every single thought that you have, but just one of those very few which provokes a burning question in your head.

It is one of those questions that you’ve had buried away deep inside your head for a long time. It is one of those questions which makes you think “Why not?” The thought that keeps a hold on you also gives you answers. It often answers the question, “What next?” It provides a solution to a dilemma that you are in. And then thanks to all those provoked questions and answers, you are put in another dilemma.

These are the very thoughts that blossom into ideas, that test your commitment towards achieving that distant goal, your conviction for breaking the barriers, crushing the obstacles and leaping over the hurdles. These are the very thoughts that teach you patience, mature you and show you a completely new outlook on the way forward. These are the thoughts that will blow you away, have you grinning like a madman and make you weep. These are the thoughts that determine who you are, who you’ve been and who will you become.

I’ve had such a germ of a thought today, and I am still contemplating.



So many things happening all over
It is like a war zone, better take cover
How many things are we expected to do
So many interests, some old, some new

Make sure you do everything to get what you want
Persistent like the ghosts and the houses they haunt
A little bit of focus is all that we need
A little more work towards achieving that dream

More than a hundred worries taking up our time
Our head keeps spinning around ideas for no reason nor rhyme
Always trying to figure what to do next
Trying not to be an emotional wreckRead article

Uchiha Itachi



Uchiha Itachi
Words can’t describe this man… He was the ultimate warrior, a dark hero, he deserved all the plaudits but unfortunately nobody understood him or let just say he didn’t show his true face to anybody. He believed in his village – konoha (leaf village). The ultimate character, my favourite in Naruto (after Naruto, of course) but he is the people’s hero, those who have watched Naruto from the very beginning…

The very best quote of his

” …people live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true… that is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts… their reality may all be an illusion. “