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Used to waking up at 6 in the morning
Took a pee break, slept once more till the sun was dawning
Finally woke up at 8 to get ready for conference day 2
Realised that a person was already occupying the loo

An hour later the guy does emerge
His excuse: I had a sudden binge watching urge
No time to waste for arguing, we took our turns
To freshen up and get some breakfast buns

Milk, bread, butter, and jam
Two of us still missed some ham
An hour spent eating, and we finally got up
Back to our room, almost ready for the second day setup

We have no idea who got the idea
The next half an hour went on just saying “Oh yeah”
To the thought of skipping the talks today
We weren’t really impressed from yesterday anyway

It was a merry-go-round of convincing arguments
Everyone agreed to each other’s intent
In the end, we never made it out of our room
Though lunch time was approaching and we knew we’d be hungry soon

I insisted on not being hungry and delayed our departure
To have a great lunch at Fisherman’s wharf – perhaps, a seafood platter
When I finally agreed and left the comfort of my sofa
I would have never guessed that I wouldn’t get too far

A call to check on some project work came
It wasn’t really mine, I had to check just the same
And that’s how I spent an unlazy afternoon
Writing queries while the other two ate good food

When they came back it was almost time
For another sunset and once again the whine
From one person to go and enjoy this once
On the beach, a sunset, but again he went for a dump

The sun had set and he then came out
We teased him once again for his regular bout
Sat around and discussed some work
Cracked lame jokes, yet full of mirth

Decided for dinner at a placed called James’s
Ordered some Sangria, fell short of praises
The food was decent, the crowd was nice
One of the us fell in love thrice

Moved on from there to last night’s haunt
This time it was fish, cooked in full but deboned
No one else ate even a piece of it
The fish I finished, fries and rice was split

Strangely enough, our night wasn’t done
Back in our room, we still had so much fun
Our topic that night was probably the weirdest of all
And yet without knowledge did each other we apall

That was the end of the second day
All our energy had been drained away
Finally, we decided that we could continue later
After all, we still had three more days together

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