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It’s pretty amazing how the germ of a thought takes hold over your entire mind and then refuses to budge unless you action it. The surprising part is that it doesn’t happen to every single thought that you have, but just one of those very few which provokes a burning question in your head. 

It is one of those questions that you’ve had buried away deep inside your head for a long time. It is one of those questions which makes you think “Why not?” The thought that keeps a hold on you also gives you answers. It often answers the question, “What next?” It provides a solution to a dilemma that you are in. And then thanks to all those provoked questions and answers, you are put in another dilemma. 

These are the very thoughts that blossom into ideas, that test your commitment towards achieving that distant goal, your conviction for breaking the barriers, crushing the obstacles and leaping over the hurdles. These are the very thoughts that teach you patience, mature you and show you a completely new outlook on the way forward. These are the thoughts that will blow you away, have you grinning like a madman and make you weep. These are the thoughts that determine who you are, who you’ve been and who will you become. 

I’ve had such a germ of a thought today, and I am still contemplating. 

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