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Almost not sleeping the night before
Realising later you should slept some more
But now awake and there’s a rush in your head
Shower and change once you jump out of your bed

Book a cab and you’re on the road
Ask your friends if they’re ready to go
One has just woken up, still in a trance
He’s bound to dress up as if for a ballroom dance

Waiting at the airport, just passing my time
The gates are almost closing, and they finally arrive
They’ve checked in their bags, the last call is made
Post security checks we’ve boarded the plane

We’ve landed and it’s a short cab ride
To the hotel we’ve booked for two NullCon nights
We leave for the conference parking the luggage on the side
The walk to the conference was, in hindsight, something we could avoid

The opening speech failed to impress, the keynote speaker went on a ramble
Eva with EFF had a great tale to tell
With IAST and RASP, there wasn’t much new to learn as such
These two sessions later we had our lunch

We split up for different programmes and went our own ways
One boring and one “hot” session later we decided to call it a day
While the topics were good and speakers nice
I think the organisers failed to do the one thing expected of them: organise

Back in our rooms, we chatted for a while
One conked off to sleep, the two awake ordered snacks for perhaps nine
On waking up he kept pushing us to go out and see the setting sun
But the two of us just ended up taking photos of it while he took a dump

We finally ended up leaving the room to get some food
A short walk to the beach, the shacks looked good
We skipped one of them, the other was reserved
We finally sat down at one and we’re pleasantly amazed

The service was decent but the food was lovely
Cheeseballs, beef skewers and yummy chicken chilly
We enjoyed dinner while looking at the stars
It was just day 1 and it didn’t feel at all fast

A few drinks later and we’d paid the bill
We took a walk by the sea since we still had time to kill
The sand underneath our feet, the sound of the waves
All pleasing to the senses, we left finally promising to be back the next day

Back in the room we switched on the speaker
Songs that we wanted to listen to were actually meagre
Instead each one decided that it was their turn
To laugh at each other, at the expense of none

A day well spent, all ready to sleep
I plugged in my charger, devices lying in a heap
Blankets on us, no dreams disturbed us
Ready for day two, as soon as we woke up

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